Adventurous Elopement in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Laura + Ned // Conway, New Hampshire

Halfway through Laura + Ned's wedding day I overheard someone ask Laura, "so, what has been your favorite memory from the day so far?"

Laura sat there and thought about the question for a few seconds and quickly responded with something along the lines of "I know how this is going to sound, trust me, but it's hard to pick JUST ONE favorite thing about today because I feel like I have had this anticipation all day long for SOMETHING to go wrong. I feel like I have waited all day for that something, but, somehow everything keeps falling perfectly into place. Every single vision I had for's all come together."

I couldn't help but smile as I listened to her answer because it was SO very true. Laura + Ned are the most deserving couple of a day as perfect as theirs was in the White Mountains.

We woke up early the morning of their wedding day, hiked over a mile to their ceremony spot at Diana's Bath perfectly nestled into a patch of wooded trees right next to a waterfall. The weather was perfect. Blue skies, a few clouds, a slight breeze blowing through the trees. All 30+ of their guests huddled sweetly around them as they shared their private vows, built their cairn, + prayed over their relationship. This place means the world to Laura + Ned and you could feel that.

Right after they were announced husband and wife, everyone was invited to spend a few hours enjoying lunch, cold beer, lawn games, + time in/near/by the water at Echo Lake outside of Conway, New Hampshire. We were amazed by the bright greens and turquoise waters...not to mention the mountain views of Cathedral Ledge nearby. Laura + Ned are super adventurous and even took a little canoe ride while we were out there!

That evening, Ned's dad prepared fresh caught Alaskan salmon and a family style dinner was served on the back deck of their AirBnb cabin overlooking the White Mountains in the distance. The farm style tables were set with all kinds of assorted china plates that Laura + her mom have enjoyed hunting for + collecting together over the years.

Laura + Ned snuck away after dinner to decorate the cake that they had baked together with the cutest bohemian details and then brought it out for everyone to enjoy with coffee.

When the sun finally began setting over the mountains, Laura and Ned shared their first dance together on the edge of the cliff as their families, friends, + loved ones circled around them with sparklers in hand. We noticed pretty quickly that a few of their guests couldn't quit giggling uncontrollably and were acting pretty sneaky. They made sure to fill us in that when the music hit the chorus they would be throwing marshmallows at the new bride and groom...which is why you will see fluffy white marshmallows surrounding them in their pictures ;)

Their day was the most incredible experience. It was thoughtful, intentional, and oh so very beautiful. We're forever grateful for this adventurous, kind hearted, faith driven couple who wanted nothing more than to share their favorite place with their favorite people. They gave their guests an experience and in turn they got to make so many new, unforgettable memories with them.

It was the sweetest gift being invited to spend such a wonderful day with these two in the mountains of New Hampshire. We had the absolute pleasure of being the ones to document their intimate elopement through both film + photo and we are thrilled to share a few photos from their day with you today!


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