Because we know you have questions…

How much does your wedding coverage cost?

Our weddings are all priced based on a build-your-own package system.  We start with a base package that includes coverage from the two of us and a 6-12 minute wedding film. From there we have a variety of add-ons to allow you to get exactly what you want!  

To give you a better idea of our general pricing:

  • Wedding films begin at $5200

  • Elopement/Intimate film packages begin at $3800

If this sounds good to you, please send us an email via our contact page, so that we can get a conversation going with you, send you our pricing guide, see if we are the right fit for you, and, if so, hopefully, get you booked on our calendar + become great friends in the process!

*Please note that we only take a limited number of weddings per month, so be sure to contact us for our availability as soon as you possibly can. Typically, our couples book us anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance.*

Do you travel?

Absolutely!  We LOVE to travel and would love to talk with you more about your wedding, even if it is nowhere near us!  We are happy to travel anywhere in the world. We consider ourselves travel and destination wedding videographers as we actually live full-time in an RV traveling all over the country. While we both grew up in Kentucky, most of our weddings are spread out all over the country. Over the past six years, we have had the pleasure to film weddings in places including: Colorado, Charleston, Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard, Alaska, Maine, Moab, Milwaukee, Florida, Oregon, Arizona, Sayulita, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, etc.  A large portion of our couples are planning destination weddings or weddings all over the country, so no place is too far for us!

What is your filming style? Do you two pose/direct/or tell us what to do?

Because we are looking to capture natural moments, we do as little “posing” or “styling” as possible. We give direction that allows for couples to fall into natural poses and interactions with one another. We love playing off of ques from photographers and pride ourselves on being able to capture the moments that are very intimate, honest, authentic, and real throughout your wedding.  While we use cinematic techniques when filming, the real drive behind our films is to let you see your day the way it happened in front of our lenses: the laughing, the happy tears, the thoughtful details, the enthusiasm, the nervousness, and everything in between. Any “creating” that we do is done with this in mind. We want you to watch your wedding film and remember true feelings and honest moments, not forced, awkward poses.


We see that your films use a lot of dialogue while others I have watched do not, why is this?

We love that this is something you have noticed throughout our films. The words spoken on your wedding day, to us, are KEY in creating your unique story.  The words are what we believe take a wedding film to the next level. The words are what we believe make a wedding film worth the investment and make your wedding film something you will continue to value more and more years down the road. We love including excerpts from personal, handwritten vows, heartfelt speeches, letters that you might choose to write to one another and read aloud, stories that are told throughout the day, and any other natural sound throughout the day that immerses you right back into the atmosphere of your wedding day. This is what we feel allows our films to stand apart from so many others. We truly value your unique story and believe that the words spoken on your wedding day are key in allowing us to best tell it. If this is not something you are interested in when it comes to your wedding film, we completely understand, and would love to send you companies we love who we feel might fit the style of wedding film you have in mind best!


Do we get to pick the music for our films?

Music is a vital part of pulling in the emotion to a film.  The two of us have musical backgrounds — Tyler has been playing the drums since he was in middle school, has been a part of several bands, and listens to music constantly. Allison grew up playing the piano and had family members who were talented musicians and is always listening to her favorite indie music playlists. We take the selection of music very seriously, simply because when you find “the right” song, it can take a film to a completely different level.  Likewise, since our films are shared online, we must purchase the appropriate music licenses for use in the films.  For these reasons, we do choose to pick the music ourselves, but if this is something our couples are passionate about (for instance, if you are a musician) we can talk through this more and hopefully work something out that makes everyone a happy camper.


What gear do you use?

We shoot on Canon 1DX Mark IIs and 5D Mark IV cameras, top of the line lenses, high quality audio equipment, drones, and variety of stabilizers, ranging from monopods to gimbals.


Do you use a drone?

We are excited to say that Tyler is a licensed remote pilot, meaning that we can legally use our drone to get beautiful shots whenever we can.  We always have our drone with us and do not charge extra for footage with the drone. Depending on locations and due to weather constraints, laws in certain areas, etc. we never guarantee that we will be able to use it, but we definitely do whenever we can! Tyler flys a Mavic Pro 2 and absolutely loves the footage and unique perspective he is able to capture with it.


Do you offer longer edits or additional coverage?

We do! We have a variety of optional add-ons that include longer coverage. One of our most popular add-on's is our  "Family Film" - which includes the full ceremony, full speeches, and full events that occur throughout the day. Another popular add-on is our "Instagram Teaser" - which is a one minute, quick edit of all of the "best" moments highlighted throughout the day. It's perfect for sharing online with friends and family and delivered just days after your wedding! In addition to these edits we have several other different length edits and additional hours or days of coverage.


How do we book you?

Head over to our contact page and fill out the form at the bottom, share all of the happy details, and we will be in touch as soon as we possibly can!  Once it is confirmed that we are available and you want to go with us, we will get you a contract and a booking deposit invoice (all done online) and once these are received back, you are official!


Do you have recommendations for other vendors?

We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people over the last several years of our business.  If you are needing recommendations in your search for other aspects of your wedding whether it's a wedding planner, photographer, florist, or live band, we would love to help! Please don’t hesitate to ask.



We have chosen to only take on a limited amount of weddings every year so that we can give more of our creativity and attention to each couple. With this in mind, it has allowed us to shorten our delivery time from what it has been in previous years. Wedding films (6-12 minute edits) will generally be delivered 14-16 weeks after a wedding. We ensure you that you will not be left in the dark during our process. We continue to keep you updated after your wedding on our process and the date of delivery for your films.